The following TQ schema provides a Best Practice operating framework that ensures efficient, accountable delivery of a Europa demand generation campaign.

As the success of any such campaign depends upon the collaboration and commitment of agency and client staff alike, we hope it will be used as a shared set of standards and responsibilities.

Our delivery model consist of five key phases – some of which are entirely the responsibility of Europa staff; some are shared responsibilities and some depend almost entirely upon the client.

Each step is explained in detail, showing the basic objectives, principles, best practice guidelines, checklists and evidencing points for each step.

In addition there are five ‘approval gates’ – checkpoints which ensure no campaign can continue without management confirmation that our Best Practice conditions have been complied with.

The end-result:

If you all follow these steps, the campaign will be delivered with optimum efficiency and achieve the best possible best results with minimum risk of failing to meet expectations.

Everyone involved in the process will have an opportunity to learn, collaborate efficiently, and sleep at night in the knowledge they have been part of a top quality execution!