A marketer's voyage around the Internet of Things

 If you’re venturing out there, take an experienced crew with you!

 So, you've got a thing about IoT? Well so do we!

As business development specialists working for vendors across the whole spectrum of the IoT ecosystem, we’ve been running research and demand generation campaigns since the days when M2M was making its way into the ‘connectivity’ vocabularies of early-adopting organisations in but a few industries.

How things change!…assisted by marketing folk with a penchant for funky new names, wireless technology innovators working overtime, and more importantly, an upsurge in end-users who now see the real value to be gained by connecting up everything from vacuum cleaners, to vending machines, to….well, people…then manipulating the vast amounts of data gleaned from those ‘things’.

This is a fun market to work within, as erstwhile machine-to-machine connectivity becomes almost mainstream, and really useful ‘Big Data’ or other niche IoT applications roll off the production line.

But it’s still an easy way to waste your marketing budget, if you don’t know how to navigate this still uncharted and multifaceted marketplace, where finding the right people to talk to about your specific or all-embracing solutions can be a big challenge – that is, people with real needs and real money to spend, right now.

To find real opportunities for high value IoT, business needs marketing nous, people with the expertise and the time to navigate complex organisations, tracking down the right people to sell to across a huge diversity of functions.

And it needs patience – make no mistake, almost all the big opportunities require multiple touches - digital and personal – with tailored messaging, and careful differentiation that meets the specific needs of each target.

Few vendor sales execs have the time or the resources to achieve this, which is why they work with us.

We have built a strong, multi-skilled, multi-lingual team of marketers and sales developers, operating across multiple countries, supported by researchers and marketing data managers capable of finding the right targets, then nurturing them until they are ready to engage and ready to procure.

Our investment in IoT is paying off, so why not talk to us about how it could also pay off for you?...