Welcome to Europa’s new website!

How things have changed since 1995 when we first went online. I know some of you ‘Millennial users still struggle with the idea that not everyone had a website then, that Wi-Fi didn’t exist and that websites certainly didn’t get accessed by phones of any sort. Nowadays our websites are mere windows into a much wider world of facilities to help you get what you need. Hopefully this site achieves some of that!

This new site is now also a portal into a growing series of cloud-based support facilities: Best Practice methods and processes, workforce support applications, reporting dashboards, and our immensely useful online Asset Bank enabling information of all kinds to be stored, shared and distributed by Europa and its clients alike.

Check it out please….then please give us your feedback! It’s still an evolving thing, and we’re not a global dotcom, so please forgive any glitches for now.

Europa Asset Bank - what is it?

It’s a series of online libraries – some public, some client-specific – containing content of various types, that can be included easily into websites, blogs, emails etc., for direct viewing or as short links.

For Europa Public Assets, for example, you can gain access, browse and download material to help you understand what we do, or to use as campaign guidelines yourselves. Indeed any ‘How to..’ documents, process explanations, discussions or reference studies we think might help, we’ll upload it for you there.

If you are a Europa client and wish to maintain a store of useable assets for distribution to prospects and business partners, here is a place to manage them all.

If you want access to every item related to a specific campaign, including contacts, briefing material, data etc…this is a secure online repository for that as well.

If you would like to know more, contact us here!