Where now?...Talk to your market!

If there ever was a time when it was truly essential to get in touch with your market, talk to your customers, to understand how they feel, what they are thinking, where they intend to go…it is right now.

In periods of uncertainty, in times of great change, when no one seems to know which way the marketplace might head, communication is king. The more information you have, the more current your dialogue is with your customers, the better your chances are of responding in the right way to the opportunities, the needs - and the threats - that are emerging at this time.

Indeed, it seems to be communication – or lack of it – that has got us to where we are right now. A failure by the people who should understand our views and our needs, to provide the right solutions, is reaping a harvest of discord and reactionary fallout that could have been managed better – if not avoided.

So the message is clear – talk to your buyers, your suppliers, your stakeholders and your employees. Don’t just push messages out there, ask them, listen to them, try and respond in ways they understand and appreciate….and maybe out of this period of adversity you will emerge intact, informed and in great position to thrive in these times of change.

Bon chance!