How would a European Exit affect a company called Europa? – it’s not what you might think…

Yes, you got it – the name provides the hint: Europa Communications was formed 22 years ago to help a growing community of global tech clients to run more effective campaigns on a pan-European basis, and that is what we do!

In the early days, the market was still largely silo’d around local agencies. We continued to innovate and built a distributed network of expert sales developers and campaign managers, proved the pan-European concept with a few clients, but back then in the main, the majority of clients still maintained a more local focus.

Two recessions and a lot of industry reorganisation later, a much larger portion of our business is now about multinational execution of market development programmes. Clients have organised more around pan-European – if not globalised – marketing strategies, and they increasingly want the same campaigns rolled out across multiple countries.

Clients also want consistent standards of execution – asking their sales and marketing teams to adhere to the same standards of campaign ‘best practice’, go-to-market style and messaging, data management and reporting. We’ve built our systems around delivering exactly that.


So does our name reflect our opinion on EU membership?

No it doesn’t….

But then how will Europa be affected if we leave the EU?...Would our model fall apart? Would costs escalate due to excessive admin? Would clients take their business elsewhere?....

Put it this way, our predictions on what could happen are probably at least as accurate as both sides of the political debate - and we definitely have no desire to be as patronising or as apocalyptic as either side is being right now. Their attempts to convince us have made politics look like an ugly business (if we didn’t already know that).

This should be a shop window for young voters and the decision-makers of the future to see the true beauty and benefit to them of Democracy, yet all it seems to have achieved to date is cause confusion and infuriation, because of the way politicians on both sides of the argument have treated the whole charade.

We built our business from that start in the 90’s on the premise of agility, flexibility and ability to respond speedily to any change of market scenario, in multiple languages. Europa neither needs to be in, nor prefers to be out. If we ‘Remain’, we will protect ourselves against the threats and the bureaucracy, and provide our clients with a great pan-European marketing solution. If the ‘Leave’ vote wins, then we set our sails accordingly; sail through the stormy seas and out into whatever brave new world we find ourselves in at the other side, still well-positioned to provide our clients with the support they need to conquer new markets.

So bring it on, but next time we have a referendum, let the Government-of-the day offer the voters the right range of choices to decide on - issue by issue. Let them vote on each policy point digitally, not through defunct and self-serving party-political systems.

And don’t make Turkey look such a terrifying threat – the only turkeys we have to worry about are the ones who’ll will never vote for the christmas of political change which our Democracy so richly deserves.

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