Covid-19: ‘Business as Usual Announcement’ to all customers, partners and suppliers

Europa is continuing to operate, despite the challenging conditions presented to all of us by the Corona virus. As many of you will know, we have run a distributed workforce model since our formation in 1994, so we are well-prepared for business continuity in these circumstances. Besides devoting time to our family commitments, many of us are also volunteering for various types of support work to help mitigate this crisis, so if we don’t respond immediately please bear with us - we’ll be back soon! Try our respective mobile numbers if you have them already, or our enquiries link and phone number below which should still get you connected as quickly as is possible:

[email protected]   Phone: +44(0) 1494 739811



Europa has the experience, market intelligence, quality methodologies, range of services, flexibility and commitment you need... to establish solid market relationships, build a healthier pipeline and close more business. With exceptional expertise and a proven track record, Europa has been successfully building and supporting integrated, performance driven, market development programmes since 1994.

Working with you, and your partners, Europa generates optimum results from your sales and marketing resources by supporting them with our own. Delivering integrated, multi-lingual communications campaigns with the perfect mix of digital, social, telephone and face-to-face engagement. Campaigns tailored to target the sectors, organisations and individuals with whom you want to build relationships. Integrating sophisticated digital and social marketing with high-level sales and marketing experts – capable of forging intelligent, targeted and effective dialogue with your market, engaging at whatever level you need, when you need them. Our track record is worth investigating, our people are worth talking to, our customer experiences are worth appraising. We deliver results.